Glitch on community day venusaur

I caught the shiny bulbasaur evolved to shiny venusaur all within event window. When I open up the Pokemon info the screen just flashes, and the venusaurs frenzy move has no bars and only does 10 damage. Anyone else have this glitch??

And it’s skin flashes from shiny to normal.back and forth.

I had a glitch but not the same as that one.
I evolved a monster CP 100% Bulbasaur I had saved from before the event.
For a brief moment after the evolution from Ivysaur to Bulbasaur it showed the shiny colours and Aerial Ace Charge move before the whole screen turned Poo Yellow/Brown. It still had the x at the bottom so I got out of that screen and went to check my Venasaurs. It was there but when I clicked on it bought up a blank white page with the x.
I shut the game App down, restarted and every thing was ok with normal non Shiny colours and Frenzy Plant Charge Move.