Give us at gyms a throwing training

hi i have an idea what if at gyms we will have ability to just train at throwing pokeballs at all the pokemons ingame or the one we unlocked that will also give more value to unlock the pokedex and if you control that gym and have defender you can train at throwing even from home or far from gym.
we can even have training achivements with rewards like 10 streaks of exccelent, or sharpshooter for not missing etc etc, that idea can have many options and it littraly a matrial in their hands to shape and create.
vote below if you like or no

  • 1)i like it
  • 2)against

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Neither against or for really, I think there’s a lot bigger priorities for things to be added and would be pointless for a lot of players. The only thing people are going to want to practice is high level/legendary raid bosses.


that one of the reasons that idea for,could be there so many ideas our community is so rich beyound any measure ,both in good ideas and good pepoles ,and maybe you right ,but hey another idea to the list ;).

Aha I mean I can see the use, I just wanna see trading first and a lot of people want PvP (I’m not too fussed) and I think people would be angry if this got added now but certainly would be nice to see at a later date. Though I had a friend start 2 days ago and a feature like this would have been great for him.


ye a lot of times becuase my fellow raiders lack the training for legendrys catch ,they let me throw and feature like this can finally give them confident to capture on their own.

but i think defintly trade pvp are more importent ,but hey i wish we can control what update will bring, all we can do is post and pray they will see it.

Honestly I could use with legendary training, don’t get to do them a lot and have lost a lot just due to bad throws: ( and I agree, some updates have been so small I haven’t realised till I’ve been told or read about them. am really sick of seeing whole updates with bug fixes and still my app randomly closing or freezzing with nothing seeming to get better with these fixes!!

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And then you mean throwing Pokéballs on Pokémon placed in Gyms or not?

i mean we will have a room in the gym with a hologram that can have projection of any pokemon we unlocked, so we can throw at it for training, just like when you have hologram of the pokemon owner at gym. it will give the pokedex new value too.

Could be useful to bring the Trainer Badge back to life.


I like your idea; It should be inported to PoGo😉

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I don’t even know why people are against it since you can also don’t do it

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i must say and admit that as much as i trained my pokemons and my trainer level, even i myself the player leveled up, in a way of good throws tactics speed of reflexs, so gym is a place to train so it kinda fit it and ty for the support :slight_smile:.

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I have been thinking about this for ages. I would love a way to practice throwing curves. I’m not a bad thrower, but certain legendaries really test my ability. I’ve found Latios to be particularly frustrating to hit excellents on. Plus it would give you something to do in the game when there’s no spawns around you, no raids, etc.

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Restore the idea of sparring against own-team gyms.
Sparring would benefit both the mons in the gym and the mons you use to spar against them.
Sparring could also be a way of earning improved movesets.
Sparring could also earn token quantities of stardust and XP.
Perhaps the mon in the gym could have its motivation level increased by sparring while the mon sparring against the gym could gain either CP, HP, IV, or candies - or just gain buddy points as if you walked it

Of course a major obstacle would be how to finesse when the mon against which you are sparring gets attacked and ‘faints’. In that sort of manner, players sparring would interfere with players attacking.

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As a N00B i would love to have throwing practise.

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Seen you commenting man, it’s cool to have a new players view on thing and just to see new players! Hope you enjoy man and good luck!!