Giovanni Shadow Ho - Oh?

Anyone else not even seen the challenges for Gio yet !?! I thought the event started June 17th and I’m still waiting around . . . It is June 19th and I can’t see the anything besides the in game notification and well I want to get this going !!!

I’m on stage 4

Have you reset your game at all? Sometimes a reload can refreshen your communication to the server. If you’re on an older version of the game, that can also impede it.

If you still have one of the old Giovanni string of quests to complete you won’t see the new one until until you complete the outstanding ones.

I had saved my Giovanni radar from his last Zapdos visit, activated the radar last night, and found Gio waiting for me in a balloon first thing this morning. (same on both accts)

The first Gio had Persian / Machamp / and Shadow Ho Oh, the other had Persian / Golem / and Shadow Ho Oh. I beat both with this lineup:
. Mewtwo (Confusion / Psystrike)
. Lucario (Counter / Aura Sphere)
. Swampert (MudShot / Muddy Water)

Of course, that was set up for switching at start from M2 to Lucario to get the free 2 seconds advantage. And the Swampert’s moveset overwhelmed it with a rapid succession of attacks, rather than two big attacks) All 3 are level 40.

The Mewtwo didn’t beat the Golem; but the Swampert had just enough extra for the Ho Oh after one attack cycle to finish off Golem.

Did you find Persian’s attacks really fast? I usually use Milotic (Dragon Tail/Surf) to get rid of both barriers, but I could only take one down before Persian destroyed her without even using a charged attack. In the end, I barely scraped the win for the whole battle.

My party was:
Milotic (Dragon Tail/Surf/Blizzard)
Mewtwo (Psycho Cut/Psystrike)
Rhyperior (Smack Down/Rock Wrecker)

I think I am just going to use my Swampert Army, like usual.

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I just got started again on Pokemon Go after years not playing. I am currently Lvl 27 with a couple of Mons pushing past 2000 CP up to a 3519 Slaking, Couple 2100ish Snorlax and a whole lotta 2400 Heracross. Should I not bother with Raids or this event quest?

I got stuck on 3/6 because they took down Great League so I cannot get a win against a trainer anymore. Is there somewhere I can just que up and boost a win to move on?

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In May I discovered that if I try first to burn away Gio’s shields, the Persian wiped the floor with me every time. So I tried just beating it with one of the recommended counters (Lucario) and even though I usually beat the Persian before his second shield was gone, I still had a charge attack to throw at his second defender, which would burn his second shield. And that put me closer to beating him. I still use the trick of switching attackers right away to freeze his attacks for 2 seconds, though.

But my shield-burning Swampert (with the fastest attacks) wound up being better at beating Ho Oh, because it could throw so many charge attacks so quickly, before he could hit me with an unblocked attack.

Nah I have the game up to date and everything , which string of Giovanni challenges is from past events !? How do I get to unlocking his string !?

You can actually battle in the Great League, although not via the GO Battle League menu. But if you go to a Friend and then click ‘Battle’, you can actually challenge them in the Great League.

Could anyone friend me and let me get a win just so I can keep doing the event?

I dont really have any friends to challenge

Whats the quest title ??? I only have like 3 active .

I’m ashamed to admit that I lost about 3-4 times before I got my win. I actually did try focusing on countering Persian normally, but using Cobalion or Sirfetch’d (my go-to fighting type). Neither could make it to two charged attacks before being taken down. I also tried Swampert with Hydro Cannon, which usually charges fast like Milotic’s surf, but that failed as well.
I went in completely blind in my first attempt and matched Machamp with my Alolan Ninetales, lol. Didn’t get to Ho-Oh that time either.
What CP range was your party? Rhyperior was the only one I could use that’s above 3000.

A seven colored shadow

A Seven Colored Shadow has not even appeared in my challenges list !

I think these were the ones I used. Is there a way to look up what team I used for the most recent encounter with a particular Team Rocket foe? (The only way I can be sure which ones I actually used, is to encounter Giovanni again and have it offer to use the same team as last time…)

For my main: Mewtwo (4178) Lucario (2662) Swampert (2911)
And for alt: Mewtwo (4102) Lucario (2680) Swampert (2979)

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Did you possibly not finish an older Research that gives a Super Rocket Radar? That is the only thing I can imagine is happening right now.

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Here’s my thoughts on it. May not be entirely correct though.
If you have any outstanding Giovanni quest lines running you won’t get the new one unless your up to the stage where you already have the Giovanni Special Radar on the old one.
I think this allows the old and the new quest lines to exist.
The old will not give the previous Shadow Bird, it will give you Ho-Oh and so will the new one.

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