Getting Candies from Berry feeding at Gyms not working anymore?

So over the last few months I have been doing candy mining everyday, mostly to get Blissey Candy. I could usually get 2 or more candies a day by feeding berries.

This week though I have gotten 0 candies and probably fed at least 500 berries.

Has anyone else noticed this? Did they turn this off?

Do you mean “Berry feeding in gyms doesn’t work anymore” or “Getting candies from berry feeding in gyms doesn’t work anymore”?

But I randomly got a Chansey candy today by motivating a Blissey so both work.

I also got 0 candies for like 50 berries, but I dont think I have done enough feeding to test it, the chance was something like 1/64 after all

1/80 i think

The closest root is 64, and we never got a clear ratio

I’ve literally fed at least 500 berries to Pokémon in gyms this week and 0 candies… like I said I typically can earn 2 or more per day…

I have multiple Pokémon in multiple gyms and my office sits on top of a gym… so I’m getting berries all day with my Pokémon go plus and then turning around and feeding those to Blissey and I’m definitely noticing something changed this week.

I just got 2 jigglypuff candy in a row

I have fed about 50 more candies since I posted this and still nothing? Weird. Like I said I usually get 2-3 a day. I wonder if it is just Blissey? I will try some other types.

I already said it works. Also with Blissey or Chansey.

So I did end up getting 1 candy on Friday for Blissey. It’s just weird that I fed 600 berries this week and got 1 candy, when typically I get 2-3 a day… wonder if they changed the rate?

I got swablu on Friday @mattw112 it still work s and it is so random one day I got 10 Snorlax candy the next none in 3 times as many berries

Problem resolved your clue @joshhack @Thorend