Germany Event Anaylisis

Niantic is going to be at MAG in Germany, Erfurt!New Info!
It’s just been stated that Nia will be an official partner of Mag, a manga and anime convention in Germany. I think it fair to speculate about Unowns spawning in and around the event area.

Source- Link (In german):

When- October 5th- 7th

What- A gaming event called MAG

Where- Erfurt, Germany. MAG

What- EXCLAMATION MARK UNOWN! Sponsored stops:

And maybe M , A , and G Unown

@Kevin260709 @kRe @Punica

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It is a little too far for me :joy: probably too far for even kingq07, who apparently has gotten his account permanentst suspended

I can talk to him on Discord

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Thanks for letting me know.
Guess is a bit too far for a day trip for me though… :tired_face:

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Wow we lost a regular

Will you go?

No, it’s too far for a day trip…:cry: Even when getting a ! Unown…

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still no source on the ! unown
also too far away. Dutch players have been lucky many times with events in the Netherlands and closeby in Germany. But this event is on the wrong side on germany (the far away side, not implying something else :wink:), and a 6 hour drive is not worth 1 new entry


I think that the Firstlook festival in Utrecht, NL, Will have an Unown event as Well.

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