Gengar Raid Day announced: November 3, shiny Gengar and 5 free raid passes |


I don’t mind as I don’t have a 100%. Not that I can get 100% from a Raid atm :roll_eyes:.
Not happy about the totally useless move.
Surely the best choice would have been bring back Shadow Claw. Niantic dropped the ball again.

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No what?

Idk… where I live…

These days suck… no one plays

I feel your pain

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If you are not finding people playing you’re not tied in with the right groups. Guaranteed people are using those free raid passes and trying for shiny legendaries. Especially since all the previous raids have drop legendary Pokémon to teir 4 raids where they can bet done with even fewer players.

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I guess I would have to drive to be able to play…

I think the group that plays at my cd spot goes to the Santa Monica Pier, but I can’t go there.

If it is a tier 2 raid then I’m all for it

Unless they change it to a tier 4 boss there is no reason most players over level 30 with decent Pokémon can’t solo it and almost any two players over level 20 should be able to duo it.

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Guess I’ll check at 8pm the day before (10pm for you :wink:)

Check when APAC starts their Gengar day??

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For us it is 8pm, @Thorend is 10pm

Yes, I know that’s what you mean.

I’m glad it’s on a Saturday so I don’t have to take off work. Doing 6 raids in a row is always fun.

What the consensus on the best team to Destroy Gengar as quick as possible on order to move on to the next Raid?
The Dark Lords (Tyranitar) or
MewTwo with Double Psychic moves. Psycho Cut / Psychic or Confusion / Psychic

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Mewtwo, easily, with Confusion

I use a confusion Shadow Ball Mewtwo

Better start going through the runner ups and give them some TM love.