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Ghost busters!

I like this version more though

The event start time for Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India is wrong.

Its not 09:00 UTC (GMT+0).
Its 10:00 UTC (GMT+0). No harm done if your an hour early, but its a bit cold so i personally wouldnt want to stand arround waiting that long.

Also, can anyone tell me where Niantic said or where it was leaked Gengar will be level 4 raid boss? Im inclined to believe it but i want to know for sure.


I don’t think it has been revealed anywhere yet but if using legendary birds and their days as reference it could be predicted this way.

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More the point. No normal person throws a full Beer Can, that’s just wrong.

Correct use of Beer Can, right there.

Besides getting from Gengar raid, will Gengar evolved from Gastly/Haunter during those 3-hour period get the two exclusive moves, Lick and Psychic?

No one can give a definitive answer on this and Niantic are non committal in their response to this.
It’s thought that answer is yes but Niantic do not want to publicize this as it may make people just sit at home evolving any Ghastly, Haunter stocks they have rather than go out and participate in the Raids.
Every other special 3hr Raid Day has been a Legendary Bird that has no evolution’s so there is no trend to go by.

Try an evolution on the day is the only way to find out.

Niantics’ reply on Twitter is very ambiguous. It is possible that evolution would give the two exclusive moves during the 3hrs, but not every evolution would give them every time, some evolutions would still give the usual moves. I’m not sure, just my guess.

How could they make ‚Äėshiny Gengar‚Äô less shiny than regular Gengar?

Im sorry what? In response to whom/what is this again? Just a random OT shoutout about some sports team you dont like? I dont get it…

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in screenshots posted for the event there are level 4 gengar raids shown in the background.
That and the knowledge of previous raid days would confirm it.

ALso, since gengar is soloable for any1 with a good account it would make no sense to keep it level 3

Yeah but there also was a wingull on the first GEN3 water type mon drop announcement but they didnt came untill a few months after that so i dont see that as confirmation.


@MrHeineken88 @Orangewolf do you have groups to do Gengar day with?
If not you should go to Planetenpark on Saturday. I have a group of ~17 persons to do raids with that day and we start there

Location:Van der Kooijweg,4.318868

If Gengar stays Tier 3, 4 people are enough. :crazy_face: Don’t know yet if i’ll go.

Dude… Do you know how stupid comparing these two things is? You are pretty much saying that we can also get another Gengar day later and have them as 4*

No im just saying that whatever is on the pictures isnt guranteed to happen.

Why would they make it a tier 4 in the picture then
And the Wingull was still eventually released


Laziness would be keeping 3* on the picture and then releasing it as a 4*, this is the exact opposite