Generation III - Will Gen 3 Max CP predictions be accurate? (Disappointingly low?)

Looking at this list, excluding legendaries, there are only 12 pokemon that can achieve 2000+ cp on level 30. The A tier depicted here only has 9 pokemon. That’s scarcely low compared to Gen 1, and would be pretty disappointing if it were true.

Do we expect these predictions to be pretty accurate? Were predictions of gen 2 using this same method accurate?

Not really sure about the max CP (and it’s not really an issue to be frank) but it will make for some interesting counters. I’ve posted this in the Most underrated attackers thread but am posting it again here because CP is really less important than typing sometimes (not all the time though).
Prior to the gym rework, these guys were some of my best Dragonite slayers because of STAB. Hopefully there will be more like these that can be used effectively in 1-3 person raids.

I think this was calculated using the formula from before the CP rebalance in late 2016. This wouls mean that cp will be worth a bit more

Yeah, I know they boosted gen 1 overall so I hope they’d do that with other generations. But does anyone know if gen 2 corresponded with this or not? I agree it would be a mistake to leave gen 1 so far ahead of the others.

Wouldnt trust a site that puts [email protected] as Dragon/Flying, Metagross as Steel/Flying, Jirachi as Steel/Flying and misses out Psychic type on a ton of Pokémon
Not to mention the switch of rock and ground icons

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