Generation III - When do you think all of Generation 3 will be released?

  • Late November
  • Early December
  • Late December
  • Early January
  • Late January
  • Early February
  • Late February
  • Early March
  • Late March
  • Later in 2018
  • In small parts
  • Other

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When do you guys think the rest of Gen 3 will be released?

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I think it will be released after the Christmas-New Year’s event.

So basically the question is when will the mythicals be released

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Likely a few days after the global catch challenge event ends on Dec 1st.

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Pretty sure there was a rumour of 15th December at some point? Any clarification?

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Early December the speculation was the 15th but niantic has increase their staff and has already had added 5 new movies to the code in a new update.

Which moves did they add?

I believe one of them was yawn - 0 dps. Likely slakings move

I agree but also don’t, i predict the date to be 14th December.

I say December 9th. Don’t know why, but that’s what i’m saying.

I hope it’s 13/12, which is my birthday.

December 18th, I’m calling it now!

December 3rd is Gen number 3 boys I call my 1800 blissey!

I hope that the 63% of us who think gen 3 will drop Early December are correct and we will see a Generation 3 drop in the next couple weeks

Given how it says “all of”, it definetly wont be early december

It was 14th :slight_smile: it was because of some line in the code. :wink:

14th sounds good. 32 PM
these gen 3 moves were added through last update into the coding

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Ho-Oh is in raids until 12 December meaning we are likely seeing an update after this.

Quite sure that none of those moves is actually Gen 3, maybe Doom Desire?

Doom desire definitely is
Origin pulse and precipice blades are primal kyogre and groudons signature moves. Primal kyogre and groudons are the remake of hoenn legendaries.