Generation III - Volbeat and Illumise- will they be regional too?

since the other two counterpart duos of gen 3 (plusle/minun, zangoose/seviper) are regionals, will they do the same the Volbeat and Illumise?

I think, yes

Maybe Lunatone & Solrock, too.

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But today I have seen both Plusle and Minun in the same area of my city. So, maybe in this moment they will be regionals, but nobody knows what will do Niantic tomorrow…

Volbeat has been found in Tangier, Morocco (North Africa)

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I haven’t personally seen any yet…

Volbeat is here in Australia too. And I’m pretty sure I saw Reversal showing an Illumise on his stream earlier today (or yesterday now);

They are regional,but I’m wondering if they will rotate.

To sum it up: Group A is for america and afrika, group B is for eurasia and oceania
Group A had: Plusle, Zangoose, Solrock, Illumise
Group B had: Minun, Seviper, Lunaone, Volbeat
Tropiuas is Africa (and some nearby parts of other countries, like south spain) only, Torkoal is basically India, thailand, and some east arabic states I think
Plusle and Minun are no longer regionals, Zangoose and Sev switched places

: From the Silph Road;