Generation III - [Theory] How Niantic Will Release The Remaining Gen III Pokemon

We at Silph Scope made a video regarding a theory on how Niantic will release the remaining Gen III Pokemon. The video is down below:

According to TechCrunch: “Niantic isn’t dropping everything at once this time around – they’ll be rolling them out over time, instead. I’m told they’re currently planning on having future Gen III Pokèmon released in themed groups – more Gen III Fire Pokèmon one week, Gen III grass Pokèmon another, etc.” So I analyzed the list of Generation III Pokemon that was released and the remaining that are still unreleased. In analyzing the type distribution, I found something amazing.

So far, every Electric, Fighting, Poison, and Fairy-type of Generation III are released. These types are the minority among all the Generation III Pokemon, Electric-types only having 4 Pokemon, while Fighting and Poison-types having 5. Also, there are no Rock, Dragon, and Ice types released. Not only that, other than the starters, there are no Fire, Ground, and Water-types released. Also, other than Beautifly, there are also no Flying-types released. So, yes, TechCrunch’s quote may be fact, because Niantic is holding off a lot of types, and they only released types that are a minority in Generation III as a whole. What’s amazing is WHICH types are being held off.

Fire and Ground is associated with Groudon, the legendary Pokemon of the earth, while Water (and maybe Ice) is associated with Kyogre, the legendary Pokemon of the sea. There are 70 Pokemon left so they might release the remaining Pokemon to 2 equal group, representing either Groudon or Kyogre.

There is also another possibility. They are also holding off Dragon and Flying types, both of which is the typing of the legendary Pokemon Rayquaza, summoned when Groudon and Kyogre fight. 70 Pokemon might not be easy to divide to 3 groups, but you can group it into non-even groups. My theory is that they group it to two groups of 25 Pokemon (for Kyogre and Groudon) and one group of 20 Pokemon (for Rayquaza). Not only that, when they do release that group, they will release alongside it the Legendary Pokemon they represent. Imagine countless Water type Pokemon being released while Kyogre is available as a Raid Boss. Let me delve in further on my theory.

Most Fire, Rock, and Ground Pokemon will likely be added on the Groudon group. Pokemon like Nosepass, Aron and its evolutions, Numel and Camerupt, Torkoal, Lunatone and Solrock, Baltoy and Claydol, and the fossil Pokemon Anorith, Lileep and their respective evolutions are highly likely to join Groudon. You could also add Spinda because the only place you can find one is on a route near the volcano, Mt. Chimney. Cacnea and Cacturne are desert-dwellers so they might be added as well, even though they are Grass-type.

On the other hand, Water, and possibly Ice-types, will definitely be included in Kyogre’s group. Lotad and its evolutions, Wingull and Pelipper, Carvanha and Sharpedo, Wailmer and Wailord, Corphish and Crawdaunt, Snorunt and Glalie, Spheal and its evolutions, Clamperl and its evolutions, Relicanth, and Luvdisc are most probably on Kyogre’s side.

Rayquaza’s group will mainly consist the Flying and Dragon types remaining, so Pokemon like Taillow and Swellow, Swablu and Altaria, Tropius, and Bagon and its evolutions will most likely be included in the group. You can also say Chimecho might be added because its Psychic type will benefit the Windy weather, plus its design is based on chimes. Lastly, Castform will definitely suit more on Rayquaza because of Rayquaza’s ability to null weather.

There are many Pokemon that are suited on multiple groups. Trapinch and its evolutions are more likely to be on Groudon’s group but people can make the case of adding to Rayquaza’s group. Barboach and Whiscash are both Water and Ground-type, but I would bet that they would rather be on Kyogre’s team because (a) they are fish, (b) the main type is Water, and © in the games, they have an ability that activates on rainy weather. Feebas and Milotic will most likely be on Kyogre, but given Milotic’s draconic appearance, it might be added on Rayquaza. Lastly, Surskit might be a Water-type but because its evolution is now a Flying-type, it might be added to Rayquaza, but still adding it to Kyogre is a valid possibility, and it goes the same with Nincada and its evolution being included in Rayquaza’s group rather than Groudon’s.

Finally, there are Pokemon that don’t necessarily fit each group. Whismur and its evolutions might be added on Groudon because they are land-based but one can make a case for Rayquaza, given their sound-based attacks. Volbeat and Illumise are not Flying-types but they can fly, which makes them possibly being added to Rayquaza. Kecleon is an odd one. I added Kecleon to Groudon just because it’s ground based. Beldum and its evolution may be added to Groudon’s group but personally, because Bagon and its evolution is already in Rayquaza’s group, they might join their pseudo-legendary cousins.

The final groupings are down below. These are just my theory on how will Niantic will release Generation III if they group the Pokemon according to the 3 Main Legendary Pokemon of Generation III.

Image in here:


Remember that Latios and Latias, the Regis and jirachi will be in raids (unfortunately)

Jirachi might be event only, a non-raid Pokemon

Yeah. I purposely ignored them because, as of writing this, the only Legendary that was hinted to be released next is Groudon. I didn’t think they would scatter every remaining Gen III Pokemon among all the legendary Pokemon because it would be unwise to delay the release of Gen III for too long. 3 groups is enough, personally it should be 2 groups, sadly, they didn’t release all the Flying-types (excluding Beautifly), so it is more likely that Rayquaza would have his own group.

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Ice and Water type will be relased first. Christmas event. Dragon and other flying types with Rayquaza on February. I can’t think of the othe ones. I guess we will see them on January or March. April, we will get a new big Update (probably PvP or something else) and all of Gen 3 will be released before that or some of them will be released with it.

Start of Feb will most likely be the Sea of Pink again.
Will they squeeze the rest of Gen 3 in before that happens?

Kyorgue should be coming after groudon on the 12th

20 more Pokemon from gen 3 will be released very soon!