Generation III - Pokémon GO Gen 3 release date discussion

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We’re kicking things off with a very interesting question: when is Generation 3 coming out?

My humble prediction is roughly in the first quarter of 2018, as Gen 2 was released in that period of 2017.


I like to believe that after the Gym Rework, we will see a Legendary Event and afterwards GEN 3. Niantic needs to bring PGO to a point where spoofing will be a thing of the past, so they can fully devote their time and interest on new content.


I don’t think we’ll have to wait until 2018. My guess is around August if not before. Something like 1 gen every 6 months.

Can you remember how people wanted gen 2 so badly after 4-5 months of playing. Don’t think they will make people wait one year for every gen.


I was hoping that it would be this year, preferably the summer, however your 2018 estimate is pretty good and I’m on board with that. If you think about it, when they release more Pokemon into the game that will significantly spark interest again and bring people back so that they can complete their Dex. Releasing new generations too quickly would hurt them as people would fill their Dex faster. Spacing them out gives this game a longer shelf life. And as we’ve seen, they can just fill times of low interest with random events


But people filled their Pokédex quite fast with first gen. Now with even less Pokémons in gen 2, I don’t think anyone wants to wait a year.
I’m not in a hurry any bit and have only few Pokemons left to catch. And i could already had them, but I don’t want to walk with them.

Gen 3 will be this year. :wink:


Believe me, I don’t want to wait another year either haha, but from a game perspective it would make sense if they waited until 2018


Around July 4th

July 6th is the 1 year anniversary too

I can’t see them waiting until August/September

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I know a lot of us are excited about the gym update but I think there is a significant portion of the player pool that doesn’t care about battling and is only interested in collecting Pokémon. Because of that I don’t think that Niantic will wait until 2018.

I believe that it Niantic will launch sometime fourth-quarter of this year. The only way I see the launch of GEN three happening much later than this is if they implement breeding in addition to legendaries and shiny Pokémon. If we get all three of those then I agree that it won’t happen until early 2018.


I was thinking that too but I’m suspect they will roll out a few legendaries to celebrate the anniversary instead of the third generation .


I was of the opinion that gen 3 should/could come out this summer but I changed my mind when they started talking PvP. I think a lot/more players are waiting for battling eachother then trying to catch new city-scum.

My guess now is newyear, start of 2018.

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If they do legendaries instead of Gen 3 I think that would be a mistake as the Quarter 3 big update. Can’t wait for Q4 for Gen 3. I could see a labor day weekend legendary event.

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I cannot see them doing it this year.

Too much else on the to-do list. Hanke admits this isnt a full game and wants to fix that first. Gym rework, team coop elements, trading and PvP battling and the mandatory murdering of all spoofing before that can happen.

It’s cute to add more, but they need to refine what’s in front of them first.

Plus, unlike gen 2, this is a LOT of new. Content wise it really could be a separate game.

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I’d expect it to be this summer sometime as an attempt to get the hype up again while the weather is hopefully nice enough again to encourage people to be out playing. The summer update is going to be a big one and not much is going to be bigger than introducing a new gen. Trading and/or pvp could be a possible replacement for it though.

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I know spoofing is a thorn in Niantics side but the focus on it isolates a big portion of the player base. I would bet 25-50% of players are casual folks who don’t care, rural players who are often forgotten or players who are more focused on catching than battling.

Anyway I hope the fix the issues soon so they can focus on actual add to depth to the game.

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Ok. Spoofing has 2 problems. Gyms yes. Annoying. More importantly, trading. A buddy showed me his throwaway sppof account, full of heracross and tons of other regionals.

These cannot, CANNOT, exist with trading released.


I just want the trading feature as promised. It’s almost false advertising promising trading and PVP on the trailer and it not being here lol Trololololol

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Well, one can say than any cinematic trailer is fake advertising :slight_smile: although I do agree that spoofing needs to be handled before trading gets released.

The whole point of trading is to have diverse resource that are hard / impossible to obtain for some, while easily accessible by others.

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Possibly after Octomber.Don’t forget the legendary event+that they have to release smeargle and delibird

i’ve formed an ultimatum in my head. No trading by end of summer = im out

im voting with my wallet and participation, im gonna quit entirely.

the fact that losing 70plus percent of their player base is not making them seemingly care more is really pissing me off

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IMO, unless smeargle delibird and at least Kanto legendaries are released, Hoenn Region Pokemons are most likely be hold up until then…and i really hope that they can release Gen 3 at the 1st year anniversary though, because the game might die down again, and that’s not a good de javu to flash back…