Generation III - New Gen 3 Batch Coming Soon!

A new Gen 3 batch is probably coming very soon! Including Loudred!

On the newest Loading Screen the Gen 3 Pokemon Loudred was sighted,

This means that a new Gen 3 Batch is probably coming very soon!

I downloaded 0.89.1 via APK.

So the Batch will Probably come when the update gets dropped on App Store and Google Play Store


My prediction is that flygon is coming because of vibrava recieving a Dodge change

Yes, but they wont release only 3 Pokémon…

Well, its not really a hard prediction to say the rest of gen 3 is comming. But just seeing loudred in a loading screen isnt a confirmation. Still didnt see a wingull yet either.
I actually expect a new batch (or all of them) when the valentine event comes.

I expect all of the normal types( because of loudred in loading screen) and all of the ground( types because of the trapinch and flygon chain) to come next in gen3, as early as today or tommorow, but I think we will know before it gets released…

I hate to be that guy, but it was Loudred that was on the loading screen, not Exploud.

I am expecting it today prior to Community Day.

Really? I reckon just before Valentine’s Day (February 8-10th maybe)?

I hope to see mew for Valentine’s Day.

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Same, but I have a feeling he’ll have his own dedicated event. It’s most likely Latios/Latias for Valentine’s Day.


Oooo good call! I can totally see that happening.

I’m not that good at Gen 3. And I think Loudred and Exploud are very similar.

It’s not Exploud. Please do check the Loading Screen before replying.

Loading Screen


PS: Don’t tell me I’m a dumbass when you’re the one who’s wrong. It makes you look stupid


If I had to guess I think they’ll release more gen 3 as an event before and leading into Valentines Day.

@sunsfan142 Have you seen the difference of Loudred and Exploud yet? If not, check my earlier reply.

Salamance :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: :drooling_face:

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Its Loudred. Whoever plays pokemon go still should know some pokemon, or research before calling you a dumbass like sunsfan142.

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It won’t be just loudred. Ik it’s on the new loading screen but even last time their was more release that wasn’t on the loading screen

Of course that is why I said it will probably be ground and normal types.