Generation III - How will Shedinja work?

Shedinja is a Pokemon that always has 1 hp. In the main games it has ability called wonder guard giving it no damage from neutral and not very effective moves. In Pokemon go however as there are no abilities will it be destined to immediately faint in battle? Or alternatively will it be invincible to most attacks? If it is invincible to most attacks it could be a good battle Pokemon against raids without dark, fire, rock, ghost or flying moves. If it does faint will a revive restore it to full or not work at all in the code? I imagine it will be a late release, like smeargle Delibird and ditto but will nincada and ninjas be released before This?

I really hope they will add ability into the game. If not, I don’t think Shedinja would be useful. I remembered that maybe we’ll get Abilities in PoGO next year so maybe Shedinja would be released with the new battle system. Who knows…