Generation III - Generation 3 Regionals

Any guesses on which Pokémon from Gen 3 will be regionals? And to which region ? :thinking:
This is the prediction made by GO Hub. In my opinion regional exclusive Pokemon has lost it’s meaning. There shouldn’t be regional exclusive Pokemon in gen 3.

Exactly, the regionals only give a reason for using fake GPS data…


Tropius would make sense tbh :neutral_face:

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I feel like Plusle and Minun will be Region Exclusives, Plusle will be on the Northern Hemisphere, Minun would be on the Southern Hemisphere. :laughing:


My top guesses are luvdisc or relicanth

I don’t know which Pokemon but we should see ones for the left to right side of the world like corsola but with different parts of the world. Also we need a regional for Africa and South America. So maybe 4 or 5 regionals if all these are released with gen 3- they might not be

South America has already Heracross
We dont need more regionals, its just a silly limitation that encourages spoofing


South America already has Heracross though

I agree. I was meaning if they were to add regionals in the future then that’s where they should be.

You were somehow right :joy::joy:

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