Generation III - Gen 3: Slaking Raid Boss + some info about Christmas Event9

Hello Trainers.

I just wanted to ask, how will Slaking be as a Raid Boss with the move “Yawn” wich has a DPS of 0.

Also alot of people are saying GEN 3 IS COMING DECEMBER 1ST!

Well guess what.

It will never happen, because if they do it then. The Christmas Event will start after Gen 3 comes out.
As some of you may know, the most likely Christmas Event Start Date is 14th December, wich also sounds like a nice Release Date for Generation 3.

The spawn rates of Shuppet and Banette will also most likely be lowered even more!

Please comment your opinions on both of these subjects. Slaking Raid boss with Yawn. And Gen 3 Release date.

Thank you for reading!Pokemon-Go-Gen-3-release-date-865610

Slaking has only 10 points under Mewtwo in BST, so it would be too powerful to face on regular basis
Thus, a popular theory is that it will only be able to use Yawn, to build up energy, and charge moves, to do damage
I dont really care when exactly will Gen 3 be dropped, as long as it will be befor th christmas

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I would hope no gen 3 final evolution is a raid boss for a long time. This generation should carry the collecting aspect of this game for a long time.

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