Generation III - Gen 3 exclusive Pokemon

By this I mean Zangoose and Seviper, Plusle and Minun, Groudon and Kyogre, Seedot and Lotad. These may be region locked. I have personally seen 5 seviper and 0 zangoose, 0 plusle, 0 minun, 0groudon, 0 kyogre. What have you seen?

EDIT: It appears that absol and mawile are appearing in raids only (r.i.p)

Oh wow you havent seen a Kyogre yet?
Why is Roselia a ‚Äúcounterpart‚ÄĚ?

I have caught 2 Seedots and a heap of Roselia, cloudy day in a park in Sydney Australia.

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In Portland Oregon I have caught Zangoose, battled for Groudon an won, caught many Seedot and evolved once. Have not seen any of the others.

Insteresting your not seeing many Seedot.
Theses things are every where and like Pidgey and Rattata once were for me. Already up to 330 Candy in a week.

Seedot are very rare here I have seen just 4…

Until now I’ve catched 66 Seedot, and I have the Nuzleaf and the Shiftry in both Genders.


In Southern California the Seedot are wild, and in Abundance. I have the Nuzleaf both genders and going for the next evolution. Also have Zangoose and tons of Rosalia. Wish I could find more of the other Pokémon mentioned by others in the forums here.

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Lotad are rainy weather pokemon, last week during one of the cold rainy days while we were off for Christmas vacation I caught enough Lotad in one day to evolve into 2 Ludicolo. Seviper is as of today Jan 4th region swapped.

What the :open_mouth:Zangoose has shown up in Australia this morning and they are in my area and now added to my collection :grinning:
Someone at Niantic made a mistake or just another ‚Äúlook surpise‚ÄĚ with no notification of changes to regionals implemented?

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Mr mime is angry that it is no longer interesting:P

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