Generation III - Best Pokémon GO Gen III Water Types

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let’s start the discussion on Gen III up and running! What are your thoughts about the best Water types in Gen III? We know that traditionally water types were great performers in Pokémon GO, so we’re quite interested to see how this Generation will shape up.

Here are some examples of Gen III water types

Swampert would probably be a good attacker with a high cp and good water/ground move access. It would probably be a good defender with good stats, and only a grass weakness(even if it is 4x) because there arent that many great grass attackers, outside of exegguttor and venasaur. Unless there will be another strong grass attacker out of gen 3, i think swampert would be a good tier 2 atk/def pokemon

Ludicolo has a good meta typing but like Lanturn its stats aren’t great. Swampert will be the best.
I guess that 2km eggs contain Lotad and Wingull, Mudkip will be in 5km or 2km and Relicanth will be 10km or 5km.

Why not mention Milotic? Or Clampearl
Or question how good will Kyogre be

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Actually Milotic is probably similar in strength to swampert. It all comes down to moves…

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Not at all, just look at the stats

Milotic and Swampert are the obvious choices. Wailord might be good for HP reasons and some others can hit 2k CP (Ludicolo, Crawdaunt, both clamperl evos, Walrein) but mostly it’s just the first two, at least until Kyogre. maximum orge-drive.

Walrein is another that is added to the list of dragon killer, along with cloyster and lapras, if Walrein gets an ice fast move

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