Generation III - Absol, Mawile spawning in wild?

Mawile and Absol are new raid bosses

But do they spawn in the wild? Anyone who have seen them?

Nope, unfortunately they do not spawn in the wild…

Mawile and Absol are raid exclusives, you can easily solo Mawile with some decent Fire and ground moves, but Absol is a tier 4 raid, and cannot be soloed

Well I guess I’m not getting absol then…

You could, just join a local raid group for Absol, a lot of people might be doing them since Absol has a chance to be shiny

Yes i seen a absol on my nearby list sunday 1-2am nz time. It was at a pokestop. I didnt took a picture because at the time gen 3 just got release couple hours before hand. So didnt knew they were suppose to be raids only

I’m already in my local raid group - a group of 8 but our average level is about 26 and we can do level 3 raids easily but so far have failed every level 4 or 5 raid we have tried by far. How difficult is absol?.

I do with 4 accounts very easily L40, L35, L33, L32.
All have Tyranitar Army 3000CP and over which get automatic selection.
Apparently Machamp is the best against it.
All accounts have Machamp Army’s but they range from 1600-2000CP on the smaller accounts and 2000-2500CP on the big one.

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With Weatherboost on fighting. Absol could be soloable. Im level 36 and it was on red when i failed. Very close

I raided Absol with 3 players: 37, 32, 26 levels

  • We had weather bonus for fighting attacks, and we beat him when 3-4 seconds were left

Absol is easy. We beat it with 5.

saw 2 wild ones on nearby list on 1st day gen 3 was dropped but didn’t bothered going to the pokestop as it was 3am in the morning and there was no lights on or any houses around the stop. so scary looking