Generation III - A lot of nearly useless evolutions?

After the gen 1 CP update, we saw a lot of Pokémon become more useful, and have their max cp rise above 2400. Now nearly every gen 1 third evolution has a pretty good amount of CP. Gen 3 in comparison feels a little disproportionate. While there are some unique type combinations, gen 3 has a lot of Pokémon that just have mediocre max cp. The Pokémon wth cp above 2400 are great, but there aren’t as many as there are in gen 1, and even gen 2 which is a much smaller generation has about the same above that level.

Do you think the cp for a lot of gen 3 mons seems low? Also I find it interesting that the predictions a month ago are nearly 100% accurate, considering that they’re based on the other games. Pokemon Go should adjust according to the gen 1 boost, shouldn’t they?


I give you a like because it seems well thought, but really I never have searched for this details. If Gen III only gives a lot of fun to catch them all, it’s enough for me, they haven’t to be equal, or better to the other generations.

Quite sure the boost was just a change in the calculation, thus it affects Gen 3 as well
But I would say Gen 3 has a LOT better rooster than Gen 2
What good actually came from Gen 2, other than Tyranitar?
Generation 3 has Aggron, Gardevoir, Hariyama (Gen 3 Machamp), two pseudos…

I don’t think you’ve looked at all of Gen 3 yet. Other than Tyranitar and Blissey from Gen 2 that are high in the cp charts, gen 2 is pretty crap. Also gen 3 starters are soo much stronger than both Generations, Salamance is a beast, Flygons not bad, Wailord, Milotic and the notorious Slaking who’s CP had to be nerfed and given a 0 charge fast move.