Generation 4 - Piplup

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Lol, I was posting this and was about to post it when I saw this :sweat_smile::joy:

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Still waiting for articles about relevant Pokemon


They’re coming!


Chomp is #445, Piplup is like 393, it will take some time
But at least we will get Roserade in 4 more entries

PIPLUP!!! (In the rock gym in Gen 4 my Prinplup (it evolved) it took the gym down without taking damage

It outsped and OHKOed Cranidos?!

No but rock was the first gym

And Cranidos was in it

I forget if it was or not but the two I remember are Geodude and Onix

Cranidos is his ace, is fast and hits stupidly hard with Headbutt (and can cause flinches)


This evo line almost made me choose water as a starter.

I didn’t OHKO it

Ah sorry, forgot it had Leer

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