Generation 4 - Most important non-legendary Pokémon to look out for in Pokemon GO Generation 4

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Yes we need those bidoofs to drop in our gyms.

How about Roserade? Does it get left off?

Bidoof is the coolest Pokemon we have gotten since…Furret.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. Glad you think furret looks awesome :laughing:

Furrets look way cooler than Sentrets.

And pidgey, of course.

So they should have added bidoof, that is stupid.

I don’t know what the other stupid Gen 4 Pokemon are except for Bidoofs.

Bidoof are stupid? I thought you liked them :sweat_smile:.

I like to use the lame Pokemon that no one else uses to add variety to the game.

A mention of Garchomp? Is this real life?

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Shinx and Piplup/Prinplup were all part of my team in Gen 4 (I had like 3 bidoof on my team…)

Garchomp & Rhyperior need a cp decrease …

No not Rhyperior…

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How?! How does Chomp deserve it but not Rhyperior, I dont recall Rhyperior being a Pseudo-Legendary that was banned into Ubers two years after introduction

Because Rhydon is already so high cp thst if Rhyperior is like 3600 max cp it wouldnt work :sweat_smile:

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But Garchomp is perfect how it is.


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