Generation 3 Final Release Discussion

Rayquaza is Coming, the hype train is departing!

Finally, the Flying Type Pokemon Wingull, which was in the first Gen 3 Loading Screen is gonna appear around the world.

Beldum, Metang, and Metagross will finally be appearing! HYPE!

Same with Bagon family.


I know its pointless, but lets hope Tropius isnt another region-locked Mon

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@JoshHack , i think you love rayquaza? If i’m correct, GO OUT AND CATCH HIM!

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Will this be the rest of Gen 3?

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Looking forward to seeing if the families accounts have enough strong Pokemon with Ice Moves to do this on my own after the wife and kids lose interest after they’ve got one or 2 like happens with every other new release :roll_eyes:.
Local Raid parties are starting at 5am tomorrow morning.

It really gift for small group raiders, like us!

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Do you think with pretty bad counters, a group of 5 of us could do it?

As long as you use ice or rock type moves you should be fine. Just watch out for doubke dragon move set from rayquaza


With group of 5 above 35 you can do it really with easy;
It was first attempt, — after that we stop use dragon/artikuno on ancien power, and do it fast and without rejoin with kids(35-36lvls)

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But, really sad, how auto-select ignore laprases, — if you have some highlvl — it sure better choise, than golems, imo.


Yes very easily.
This is one your small group will be able to do plenty of. Very easy to take down, easy to land throws. Still a turd of a thing to catch. Yesterday I did 10 all up and have never landed so many excellent throws across all 4 accounts only to watch it bust out of most of them.
I haven’t updated my Google docs spread sheet yet but would expect the the catch rate is in the 45-60% range so far.

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So I should be able to do it. What is the best Pokemon to power up? (None of us have articuno)

You could easily use Warein, as Spheal spawns in rain and in snow, you can easy get candies and can be able to get weather boosted level 35 Spheals which you can instant use after evolving.

I started off doing 10 Rayquaza Raids on the day of release.
The day started of with a group a fellow Mystics at 6am doing a Cloyster at an Ex Pass elligable Gym than onto a Kyogre then an Absol which was a 100%er for me. By then the Rayquaza’s started to appear and all focus switched to those. I did 5 with the group before they called it a day around midday when it starts to warm up. The very first on we did I had what turned out to be a 98% Dust off :frowning:

As Rayquaza is such an easy one to defeat I decided to have a crack on my own with the families 4 accounts and was able to do it easily so anther 4 were done throughout the afternoon. Never saw another good one until a weather boosted 91% was caught on the last one for the day as it had turn windy.

Sunday I had a golf game in the morning so didn’t start Raiding until after 3pm. Managed to squeeze 4 in before the end of the day as 3 were close together and all on Gyms I’m 5-6 days from Golding. Manage to get a 93% again on the last one of the day.

Things will slow down a bit now and I’ll only do 1-2 Raids a day to conserve the Coins/passes for another possible weekend assault so have only added one to the list.

All up so far on my own account I’m 9/15 with bests of 91% and 93%.


The game had some problems this morning between 10am and 12 Midday while doing a couple of Rayquaza Raids before having to go to work.
Get to the first one and setup for Private Battle, timer counts down and the instant the battle is about to start 3 accounts crashed out and one stays in. Cancel the battle and restart the phones. The 3 jump into the old battle and the other starts a new Lobby. Quit the Raids again start all over again finally getting all 4 on the same battle with 5mins to go. No great IV’s and catch 2/4 weather boosted.

I move onto the second one 5mins away. Another group of people I know are halfway through the battle so I start to setup my Private Battle again. 3 accounts jump in the Lobby and the 3rd just hangs and won’t jump in. I quit the count down and restart all the devices again. In that time the other group has finished the battle and in the process of catching Rayquaza they start getting a heap of network errors and get booted from the catch stage. I’m having the same network errors with only 2 phones getting into the lobby at a time. For the next 15mins I’m trying to get all 4 into a Lobby and the other groups jumping in and out of the catch stage with all of us getting very annoyed and frustrated.
On the verge of wasting my Pass it finally starts to play nice and lets me start the battle with 2mins to go. No further problems were encountered and caught 4/4 weather boosted.

The Wife’s now got a 2595CP weather boosted 98% while I have to settle for more 80’s IV.

Is Air Slash / Aerial Ace move set going to be a must have useful combo or is it Dragon Tail / Outrage or nothing for Rayquaza?

Had the same network error issues earlier today. Game just spazzed out several times while I was hunting shiny Luvdiscs.

Depends, if you want a flying type attacker (against Celebi, Machamp, maybe some mons in the gym), use a full-flying moveset
If you want a generalist, like a dragonite with less bulk but a lot more firepower, use dragon moves