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got my gf dad 2 also💪🏾

Hello anyone on?

How can i mute this?


i should make a mega thread of all my ideas that got locked

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PSA:found a potential leak for Gen4, this source has been right in the past so this COULD be accurate

Can we have in game chat or a message system. That would be awesome. A specially for raids.

Also another thing. Can we have more pokemon spawns because its very low here in my city Zwolle in the netherlands and there are even lower spawns of rare pokemons. Please buff it up.

Great, Ive got a 96% Registeel…

@AL3XQUEST why are you posting that here

Dont just close the still ongoing topic… reprimand the people who go off topic…

You guys were so off with your complaints on that sausage truck stop its laughable… you can edit stops in ingress. Including names, description, pictures and location.

And obviously that question mark is a loading bug

Hello Everyone!


Hello :smile: