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Genuinely guys please don’t share your codes here we have a thread for this

I’m pleading now

Its a forum @JoshHack … Surely you arent expecting people who come here to actually READ, do you? :rofl: :rofl:

(Sarcasm btw, obviously :wink: )

hard to make new topics now, everything bout friends lol

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Can anyone give tips?

im kinda low level and want to get to ten really quick


For levelling up quickly

Just catch as many Pokémon as you’re able to @TheBeast.

Thanks :pray:

Is there anyone who would like a relatively new account for free?

to keep for a while as a project

@TheBeast If you mean account sharing: NO. And the forum isn’t meant for that either.

got ex pass back on rotation

making it look easy

Wonder what July’s Breaktrough Box Encounter can be. There are some rumours it’ll be Snorlax though😭

Add me im in the us tho… have gifts !

This is annoying