General Chat - Where have all the Eevees gone?

Eevee was once thought to be quite common, but in the nearly 2 weeks I have been playing, I never found one anywhere. None even showed up on the live spawn map of the country. What is up with that?

You’ll be hard pressed to find them right now with an event going on. To be honest, we’ll probably be faced with non-stop large scale events until January.

When there isn’t an event (or a lower scale one going on at least), Eevee is fairly common here in San Diego.


I just came back from a vacation to TN. I not only caught another Vulpix there, but I finally found an Eevee! I have it set up to evolve into Flareon, but I saw that I needed 25 Eevee candies. I was worried it was going to be hard to earn enough Eevee candies with that Pokemon being so scarce. It was the first Eevee I ever caught. However, I captured another Eevee at the Chicago Midway airport on my way home. I now have up to 6 Eevee candies.

They’re still pretty common around SF Bay Area. I caught three today in about 3 hours of playing.

Did you get 3 or 4 flower-crown Eevee during October (when they were the 7-day research reward)?

No, my first one was caught on November 5th in Christiana, Tennessee. My other one was caught at an airport in Chicago yesterday as I was about to take a connected flight back to California. Before, I had no luck on finding any here in Lake Arrowhead, California.

If I cannot find anymore Eevees, I may have to temporarily replace my buddy Vulpix with the Eevee I’ve arranged to evolve into Flareon to earn enough candies. You earn one candy per certain amount of distance you’ve walked with your buddy. Other than that, I hope to catch a few more Eevees where I can transfer them to earn more candies. I believe I heard that you can only have one of each evolution unfortunately. It’s too bad because like Vulpixes, I also could never have too many Flareons. I think I also heard that an Eevee cannot remain in its original form forever and that it will automatically evolve into a random evolutionary form on its own after a while.

Eevee are back in good numbers for me since the Crown of Thorns 7 day rip off finished.

No it won’t automatically evolve unless you hit the evolve button

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That’s good to know. I thought Eevee was so cute. I typed ‘Pyro’ for my second Eevee and it did that same thing where it showed the evolve button with Flareon’s silhouette. I did not see a message telling me that I can only have one Flareon. However, I have yet to get enough Eevee candies to evolve one to really find out.

Thankfully that is not the case. You can only use the “name trick” once per-type (to be able to control which evolution occurs when you Evolve); but the only limit to the number of each eevolution that I am aware of is the number of Pokémon you have space for in your storage.


Tons of Eevee right now. Grab them before the Winter event starts! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I caught a bunch of Eevees today at work.


I decided to transfer one of my two Eevees, but did not realize that only earned me one candy. I feel a little sad now. I should have kept him. I learned that there is no way of getting a transferred Pokemon back, so I guess I will have to move on and hope for more to turn up for me to catch.

Don’t worry, in this moment I have 34 eevees in my collection and I caught over time 329 of them. So, go on step by step in the game, there will be a moment you have too much of them.

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You’ll be all right

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Wow, it seems you have too much free time…

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I don’t keep an Eevee unless it’s over 850 CP

I have some below, especially shiny and the one’s with flower-crown and some females. The highest in this moment is one with 968 CP and level 35.

Yeah, I haven’t deleted the flower crown ones yet.

YEAH! Where are the eevees? My 1100 eevee candy is waiting!

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