General Chat - Where are all the Snivys?

OK, this is getting ridiculous. It’s been three months now and the Gen5 starters are somewhat elusive, yet I see the other generations’ starters literally everywhere. Oshawott and Tepig aren’t so bad as they pop up every now and again (I actually found an Oshawott nest today!) but Snivys seem to be impossible to find! Went to a Snivy nest last Friday and hung around there for about an hour, a grand total of TWO showed up. Anyone else having this issue? At this rate Snivy is giving Gible a run for its money!


I’ve seen a Snivy nest too, but I have only seen a total of one Tepig. I think they will become more common later on, and frankly, I like them more to be rarer, because I don’t see any fun in the game when everything is common.


Depends on the area, here in Northern California a lot of trainers in the area are having a hard time finding enough Oshawott to get a Samurott, but most of us have 1-2 Serperiors (however you spell Snivy’s evo). And Tepig spawns enough that people have one


In my part of N.Calif. I get a Snivy about every other day, got half a dozen Tepigs in the past week or so (seemed not to see them before that), and Oshawots are the darnedest, having stumbled on a nest the week they came out (foolishly catching only one, since I had a raid to do and reasoned they’d be there for months…) but only one total anywhere after that.

I plan to wait to make 2nd evo for any of them until their CD (or until after their time window for a CD has passed).


Yeah, there have been two Oshowat nests here near Sac. First one wasn’t that great like 2 for the 30 min I was there. And I haven’t checked the second one yet so not sure how good it is. I definitely don’t need any more Snivys, got a good Emboar and a decent Pignite so pretty solid on Tepig. Just need more Oshowats

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Where I’m at Oshawott is rare. I still dont have one. I see charmander, chikorita, bulbasaur, turtwig quite often. Tepig and snivy I see but are still quite rare.

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I caught like 3 Snivys yesterday. I never see Oshawatts here.

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I must be lucky as I’m doing ok/good with all 3 Gen 5 starters.
I’ve found small nests of both Snivy and Tepig in the last few weeks a got enough with Pinaps to get my Candy over 100 easy enough. I’d call in and catch the 3-4 every time I was in the area. I’d herd this area was good but had never bothered to really check it out before.
Oshawat has been more difficult as the area I live in is a desert biome. That was until 2 days when I found out the nest I had just been farming for something else had changed over to Oshawat. I was planing to hit that hard until I found a better one 30min closer to home.
I was getting around 10 an hour on the one I farmed and the new one I got 39 in 2hrs yesterday. I’m going back to the new found nest for 2-3hrs tomorrow. I intend to farm the hell out of it.