General Chat - Unfair gym systems

Isn’t unfair that everyone can take over a gym from everyone? I mean if I am 8 level and someone else is 30 and he has like 4000cp pokemon in the gym I can fight as many times as I need to take his pokemon down. I can win a 4000cp pokemon with a 300cp pokemon just by fighting many times. I can win anything and anyone even if they have a 40 level difference isn’t this Unfair? And it’s more unfair if you think that if you are in the yellow team the most ignored one you probably have only one pokemon in the gym so someone even 40 levels less than you can fight with his 6 pokemons versus your one pokemon as many times as he wants until he kills your pokemon wtf?




Did you know the motivation of the Pokémon reduces?

There’s a timer and I bet you can’t kill it within the time.
Also, a 300CP Pokémon can’t beat a 4000CP Pokémon, I bet (maybe Ditto). Neither do 6.

Uhhhm, no?

Probably a Slaking, which isn’t that great.

40 - 40 = 0. Level 0 doesn’t exist…

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