General Chat - The end of pokemon go (Pokémon is partially quitting the game)

I’ve decided to mostly stop playing pokemon go.
My parents are always not letting me have my phone so when I’m able to play I feel like I have to rush to get everything done. It’s never good then and it just feels like a job.

And on hub I’ve been on here for a lot longer than a year and I’m still a regular yes some people don’t care about that but nearly everyone else on here is a leader if they’ve been on here for a long time and the other people have gotten flagged and gotten into public fights so I believe its not as fun on here as it used to be and it would have been a lot better if @Thorend promoted me and yes he has his “reasons” but yeah that’s one of the two reasons I’m not on here as much.

Also, my parents are always restricting go hub at my house to not let me go on it besides taking my phone so it’s really hard to get on here.

And pokemon go has no new content on it and the events absolutely SUCK now. bye, peace :non-potable_water:

We still love you @Pokemon! You are still reason I post here and not our Discord site because I know you can’t post there.


@Pokemon I hope you come back bro you’re one of the first friends I made on here you and @bobbyjack8 and @5GodLink are the main reasons I come here going to miss you bro I hope you don’t go go to the library and get on the computer


What do you men

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Use the computer in the library to get on Gohub

sorry to hear this @Pokemon and i agree with all you said. I understand this game is super stale same reason i play other games and rarely making topics anymore.

Me and you created a great friendship, one of my true best friends on the forum. I’ll always be reachable when you are able/decide to return. Always loved how positive you are! you brought a real wholesome energy to the forum that i saw was really lacking on here.

Hope to hear from you sooner than later.


Don’t go bro

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He can’t be on as much as he wants to. Neither Go or the forum. Plus the game is very stale. It’s pretty much pushing him to stop.


@Pokemon you are one of few people I look forward to talking to you on here every time I log on like link said you were always positive bro so stay positive in whatever U do after this


All I got left is @5GodLink and @bobbyjack8 nooooo


in the end this game is very demanding.

If your rural nothing around.
He had a bad fire in his area
He’s in school
parents block forum and can’t do events

Many factors. If this was any other game the soul reasoning would be the game needs a “biggger fun factor” but since Go is demanding people to play irl and venture out it can get tireing extremely quick.

I have lost many friends due to “Real Life” just more busy than a game where they don’t update quick enough and is lacking in the “international online friend” factor.


That is very true but I kind of want to send him a laptop so he can still get on the form I got an old one I can send

Besides gifting for an egg. There is no true online gameplay and if all your “Real life” friends quit and your rural and busy with school, can’t really ask much but to quit. I understand it completely.

i’ll miss @Pokemon probably the most. We have had so many conversations. A true friend of mine. Besides @cup and @bobbyjack8
Seems i have lost a true friend. :disappointed:


I know it’s just 3 of us now

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Take care! You were the first person to message me and start a conversation. I hope you find a way back one day.


You were part of the reason why I started to get more involved with online communities. I’ve found the game boring, and the times that I would be walking outside of my house is now sitting on my computer playing Geometry Dash. The last time I played Pokemon Go was at hawaii, just mostly to play during community day and to try to catch corsola, and before that I had not played at all for 2 weeks. So for me, the end of this game is lack of motivation and Geometry Dash.


@Pokemon based on your activity on the game and the forum, I could sense this day of yours will eventually come. If you have so much restriction on playing the game in real life and being on the forum, it’s no longer fun to do so. Really appreciate the time we raided against Mewtwo together. Take care!


Take care, and i hope to maybe meet you once next year.

If you ever decide to come back to the gohub, i Will probably still be here lol


I always find it hard to expres myself to people who i consider to be my friends, so please dont be bothered if it doesnt sound right.

Has to do with my previous school and people getting bullied when they tried to show emotions. Read my backstory here if you havent already:

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