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General Chat - Shiny Rayquaza is coming

I dont have enough candies nor dust to do that right now lol, and second move on my Gardevoir has a priority - just like maxing out my second Garchomp


I wish the possibility was there to trade items or something, or sell them for dust. Because most of the time I really have no idea what to do with my rare candy.

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I was 1/2 and now 1/8 on Shiny Ray.
Had to race home after work yesterday and past 6 Gyms with Ray on them. Went out after dinner to catch last 3hrs of Raids for the day and found 1.

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Did 4 more today taking the tally to 2/12.
Finally a Shiny I can actually use. How ironic that I get one from a Raid now that I can finally Trade for improvement all those useless ones I’ve accumulated.


2 of us went out yesterday and did 23 Ray Raids, 5 accts per Lobby each time. Disappointing results with only 7/115 Shiny.
Daughters acct got a 98% Shiny.
Only saw one other person Raiding the whole day.

Catch rate on Rayquaza Return of 32/36.
3/36 Shiny.
Best IV 96% which happens to be one of the Shiny.

1 in 16. Thats not too bad since the official rate is 1 in 20 right?


I have no idea what the offical rate is.
Just thought 7 was low. 9-10 I would have been content.
My person tally off 3/36 is pleasing.

The official rate is 1/19.

Now done 25 ‚Äėquaza raids with Mrs. celery. Neither of us has a shiny. That‚Äôs 0 from 50.
My best IV is a pitiful 89% - Mrs c has a 93%. Weirdly, we have both caught every single one - none have legged it.
Thoroughly cheesed off with the whole kit and boodle… but I do have a big stack of unused candies… just in case… :roll_eyes:

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