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Where is shiny Geodude? I haven’t seen any normal Geodude in a while, only its Alolan form spawns in the wild. So how are we suppose to find a shiny one if it’s regular form doesn’t spawn at all, isn’t in any quest or raids? Niantic needs to fix it, and maybe do like Ratatas. Both forms spawns in the wild.


I wonder this is well I’ve only seen two 1 in a gym and one on here


Normal Geodude used to be common for me but since it’s Shiny is released, I haven’t seen one single Geodude outside an event. I bet he’ll be spawning more often during the Ground Reward Event, though.


I also hope it’s gonna spawn a lot more during the ground event. But right now, the weather here boosts a lot the Alolan Geodudes and I hate it. I want the regular one.


I also haven’t seen a single normal Geodude this year, against hundreds of alolans…


Yep, Alolan Geodude spawns often enough here too, but I don’t care because it can’t be Shiny.


The same here. Seen some normal, but most are alolan Geo’s.


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This is me when an alolan geodude appears.


I noticed it, too, but never looked specifically at it. Thanks for pointing it out.

I got my shiny geodude In September 2018, which (with a few exceptions) is when the regulars stopped spawning for me. Nothing in my storage since October 2018 except one regular Golem and a handful of Alolans (at all 3 evolution stages). I mostly stopped keeping them around November.

I did some research on Twitter. It was still in the game in March. The last mentioned was on the 28th of March. Nothing after that.
Also checked Reddit. Same there.

In the past there where some shiny removed. Like Krabby and Taillow. But it seems all those were reported and later fixed.

It seems it happened to Geodude now. I’ll dig into it some more right now.

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Taillow too? I know about Misdreavus, Krabby and Magnemite, but I didn’t know about Taillow’s Shiny being removed.

Also, yes, it looks like Geodude’s Shiny has been removed, too. But I don’t care because I don’t see Geodude at all.

Taillow happens after the lunar event in February.

But Shiny Geodude are still here. Tried some other hashtag, it was reported today.
But if there are no regular from spawning, no shiny to catch here :man_facepalming:

Magnemite,Krabby and Misdreavus are reported in April.

I found a Shiny Geodude report from April 13th so apparently he’s here, but Geodude itself is just rare.

And indeed, Shiny Taillow wasn’t reported from February 9th - April 1st.

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Found one of today. It seems a lot still spawn in Spanish/Portuguese speaking territory.

I’m going to check if there is a nest reported in the Netherlands

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Ok just made the search a bit bigger. In the whole continent there is 1 nest reported since the last migration. All question marks are older nest but not sure how old. Not really old because “outdated” was turned off.

Found out Shiny Sandshrew was gone, too. From January 18th to February 19th, according to reports.

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As far is turned off shinyspawns I think it is all fixed.

But there has been a similar situation here with normal Rattata. They have been extremely rare for I think it was 2 or migrations. (It was before the shiny release though) Almost only alola forms spawning.

6 days from now until the next migration…

I checked, but the only normal Geodude I have is from last year.

So let’s do some research here if Niantic made normal Geodude sort of a regional.

Did you caught any normal Geodude since late March?

  • Yes, please report the location and date in a comment.
  • No.

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Just caught a normal Geodude today