General Chat - Regional Rotation

There was a regional swap and Seviper has been moved to the Americas while Zangoose has been moved to Europe. I just caught 2 on my block. Report in if you are in the Americas have caught any.

Don’t know how to post a picture, but I incensed a Seviper here in Georgia.

I got two tonight near independe Blvd in charlotte North Carolina.

I still haven’t seen one but there have been sightings of changes all over the place.

I have been observing them in my area on a local map and they were not many spawning during the mid day around here, only in the evening - morning. This evening after 6 I really noticed them amp up on the spawn rate too, very Interesting.

I still have seen no regionals since the rotation

I have found over 20 zangoose before the switch and cannot find one seviper, nearby list shows no sightings of them and they wont spawn

Zangoose is not as common as Seviper was here in Australia. I’ve only caught a couple so far.
*Edit - this was the first one…

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Wow going to search for Seviper today. At least I caught a 2k cp Zangoose.

your stardust is insane I use stardust up whenever I can.

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Haha - it’s down under the 1m mark now. Used some to power up a few of my good mons & my 100%ers…
Plus with star pieces & events it can be built back up quickly :smiley:
You should check out Prodigies Nation on YouTube & see his stardust…

lol ill check right now. gotta go grind to catch up to you tho

Not only the wrong one, but terrible cp.

Lucky i want to find a mr.mime in america

regionals are broken. they basically are pokemon that make holes in your pokedex or cause people to fly around the world to find one.

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Where is corsola? Ive heard of them in Texas.

There is a good image of the regionals somewhere - corsola is in a strip across the world

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thanks THEBONACYLE for the photos

I got my first zangoose :slight_smile: spawned in near my home as I was walking.