General Chat - Niantic gave us a giftcode

You should receive :

  • 4 Golden Razz
  • 8 Poké balls
  • 4 Silver Pinaps

Tried it out and I can confirm it works.

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It worked for me as well.

I did it, too. Get it while you can! Finally, some use for that feature. They should give us stuff every week.

Tried and confirmed. Has the in-game store had promo codes before this? First time I ever noticed.

That’s only on Android if I’m not mistaken.

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You have to go to the site itself for iOS users. Apparently Apple has a stick up south about free promos.

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Yeah, I had to go to the site indeed.

Apple want money for everything. Even the free stuff… :man_facepalming:

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Tried it out, it worked for me as well.

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The Gift Code doesn’t work anymore.

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More promo codes are here. I’ll search them up and put them in here.

Pokémon GO Hub just made an article about it. Good timing!

I think (hope?) this is gonna be a regular thing to be honest, at least whilst Coronavirus is here.

Trying to redeem through the store right now gets:

There was an error redeeming the code.

I’ve entered the three codes and all three worked fine.
But I’ve done so 4 hours ago, seems I was lucky enough to do so before they expired.

Update: the Promo Codes have expired :warning:️.

How long do those darn things last? I only heard about them this morning, and they were already expired!?