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General Chat - New Pokémon from gen 8 released!

The New Pokémon called ??? Releases after your Community Day.But it could Be a Ditto!

Hi guys,

I just joined this forum so i am not very sure of the rules so please forgive me if i posted this in the wrong topic.IMG-20180922-WA0012![pokemongo|281x500]
basically after the community day, the leaked pokemon started spawning everywhere. they all transformed into ditto. has anyone else experienced this yet?


What are the sources?

? wdym? If ya mean where i got the pics from, it was from ingame screenshots

Those were the Chikorita spawns. It turns into a Ditto after the CD times out, I catches 2.

Ah. Serebii.net States this as well

It shouldn’t appear in Sightings. Now we can’t see everything but that ???.