General Chat - My Recent Absence

Forum friends,
I want to apologize for my recent absence from the forums over the last couple of months. In September my father passed away and and I have been dealing with the estate and all fun not so fun responsibilities that go with it. Many hours on the road driving between my house in Nebraska and the family farm in Kansas, 220 miles each way (354 km). It has been a very time intensive endeavor and at times has been draining. I am also dealing with now maintaining two properties which has proved challenging as the farm has several buildings and equipment that required winterizing and security systems installed to keep the property safe. The travel and estate business requires me to be gone from work which has also put me very behind there as well so I have been working late hours to attempt to get projects back on schedule.

I just wanted to let you know the reason for my of lack of posting, erratic sending or opening of gifts and general absence from the forums. It will be several months before everything is fully resolved but I think I have finally got the major items under control.

Thank you for your understanding and I will look forward to hopefully having more time in the new year to spend on the forums.


My condolences!