General Chat - Illumise and Volbeat:Will they switch with GO Fest?

As you probably read,Solrock & Lunatone have switched locations some days before Safari Zone Dortmund.So i think Volbeat and Illumise will switch like Solrock & Lunatone.I am 50% sure it will happen.
Do you think they will switch like Solrock & Lunatone?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Maybe.
  • I dont know.
  • I dont think so but it can happen.

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I would have no idea if they would or not. I have a nice collection of strong Illuminase but none of the other one.

I think they switched lunatone and solrock because of the Solstice. North is in the summer, south in the winter. Happened on June,21, 2018. On 20 December they should switch back.

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I dont think its about the Solstice

That is why they changed tough… Dortmund was just coincidence.

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I hope they change because I do not have all. or maybe they can do the same as the sole and minun

You know Plusle and Minun are worldwide…

I guess that @MEME is suggesting making them worldwide like plusle and minun. Maybe it’s just blatant nonsense

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It’s got to go around the world. it makes sense for all to do that. @ Mapman42 is right

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