General Chat - I need some advice regarding two different Reshiram I've caught

I’ve recently caught two 98% Reshiram with very similar stat spreads, and I’m a little lost at which one would be the best investment to level up given my unique Pokemon approach:

As you can see, the stat spreads are VERY similar here. I uploaded both screenshots to Poke Genie to see how they compare, and it didn’t really answer my question:

The one on the left maxes out at 4029 CP and 173 HP.
The one on the right maxes out at 4029 CP and 173 HP.

This leads me to believe that the non-weather boosted one on the left is the smarter investment since it has 15 Defense while having the same HP amount as the one on the right. However, I looked at the Pokemon GO Database and it states that the max HP of Reshiram is 174, and that’s only the case with a perfect stat Reshiram. Is that true, or is that an error on the part of the database?

Regardless of that answer, is my analysis correct that the non-boosted one has the strongest potential due to having 15 Defense? It seems logical to think that the one on the left is at least “functionally perfect.” I’m not concerned about candy and stardust cost. I just want to make sure I’m making the wisest choice.

I’ll check with a calculator for you.

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Hmm the calculator hasn’t updated since reshiram was introduced

I’m not gonna help since i’m really jealous of those catches :wink: I even lucky traded 2 and still got no good one


on a more serious note: the DEF one is the best one if they both max at the same HP of 173.
Oh, and if had those 2, i’d wait till he/she leaves the raids, then decide (maybe you get a hundo),. Even more for me personally, I’d max em both, but i don’t know how your resources are.


Just stumbled on a post on reddit wich shows all functionally hundo pokemon at 15/15/14. Reshiram is in it so id go with that.

Thanks! I was told about a list like that, but it wasn’t updated since Dialga at the time, so I was stuck. In retrospect, Dialga and Reshiram have the same stat spread, so I could have reasoned it from that, but I was getting mixed messages yesterday.

@Punica I actually tried three times for Lucky Trading for Reshiram, and for some reason, Lucky Trades hate me. They always tank. The one you see on the left was caught just thirty minutes after my previous Lucky Trade attempt.émon_level_40_151514/


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That is very helpful! Thank you!

For a second, I was wondering why Zekrom was missing, but then I saw him–barely–underneath Reshiram. XD

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