General Chat - Frenzy Plant Venusaur vs Solar Beam Exeggutor

Hey guys, we’re working on an article titled “Frenzy Plant Venusaur vs Solar Beam Exeggutor” and we’re looking for feedback and your thoughts. Meta masters, approach! Will FP Venu even touch SB Exeggutor?

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Frenzy Plant is a better move, so I’d say Venusaur with FP

I think this comparison will really boil down to resistances and weaknesses, which are rather different due to one being half-Poison and the other being half-Psychic.

Venasaur with Frenzy plant will definitely perform better defensively than exeguttor, I would say, since solar beam is a one-charge move and frenzy plant is 2-bar charge move.

I think that frenzy plant is superior, but depends on weaknesses and resistances and different ivs

It’s hard to tell for now, since we don’t know yet the cooldown of frenzy plant.
It seems, from the video posted, that the cooldown is about 2.5 seconds. If I’m right, then it means that the dps et the dmg per energy point for FP are superior. And the move is two bars, so it is strictly better.
Now the question is : is it strong enough to compensate venusaur’s weaker attack ? Again, if I’m right about the cooldown, frenzy plant would by 10% stronger than solarbeam.
So if you consider the atk of venusaur, which is 198, and you add up 10%, it would’bring it to about 220.
Now you also have to take into account that FP is two bar and thus a lot more flexible. For example, when I was in my low 30s, I failed many vaporeon solo raid because of how slow is solarbeam, and how late is its damage window. Venausaur wouldn’t have this problem.
The last thing to do would be to use pokebattler, for breakpoints and specific raids, if you want an accurate answer.

So, a venusaur with frenzy plant would, in theory, hit harder, last longer, and on top of that, it doesn’t have a double weakness to bug like exeggutor. Plus it has a mega evolution.
So yeah, venusaur’s future is bright as a grass attacker.


If I had to guess, I would say that we have to wait for the FP Venusaur

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If the Base damage of plant frenzy is in fact comparable to solar beam it will win hands down not virtue of being able to use it more often and having less wasted energy when your Pokémon eventually feints.

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@apavlinovic all 9 voters voted for ‘Yes.’, so FP will probably better. That’s what I think, but I guess it’s better to wait if FP Bulba is here.

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Frenzy Plant should be better during Legendary Raids.

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We can try it out now!!

Frenzy plant of course it dealsuch damage than solarbeam and moreover it’s an exclusive move

It depends as if you are using something super effective to physic then venasor and if something se to poison ten eggexcutor. All comes down to the hat really for me

My solar beam Exxecutor charges up really fast. Might be better than Frenzy Plant Venusaur.

My solar beam exeggutor is far stronger than my venausaur will ever be.

I didn’t get a Frenzy Plant Venusaur but both my kids did.