General Chat - Easy and Quick XP! = The Receiver and The Giver

Here is a quick and simple way to earn 3,000 xp rapidly. Follow the rules below and in a period of five minutes you can earn up to 100,000 xp!!.

Your first post on your topic should state if you want to be a receiver or a giver. For example, would say I would like to be a receiver, “insert code here”. Receivers receive friend requests from givers, accept them, receive and open a gift, and then delete the friend after earning 3,000 xp.

Givers: All you have to do is enter a receivers friend code and send a gift. Although this would eventually become less rewarding, you would get xp in a minute rather than a lot more in five minutes (the receiver). Much more simple, to.

Chose one of the to in order to get more xp than dealing with the stress and time of having both jobs. People who just post their friend code will not be included. Do not expect to stay friends with anyone after receiving your 3,000 xp.


I will be the first receiver, my code is 8922-5549-2939. Do not spam me, and focus on other receivers.

You get xp for gifts? i’m really not paying attention at all.

Let’s find out. I think you’re on my Friend List.

Nope. Unless you by different name.

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I got xp for getting next tier of friends.

Good friend gave xp


You get so from becoming good friends, which is one gift

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So first gift gives Xp.

Add - gift - xp - delete - reAdd - repeat

Tell me how that goes.

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I think the idea is to send as many gifts as possible, all on different days. 1 best friend is 100k xp so 20 is 2 million or 4 million with lucky egg

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But this method could give more in a shorter time

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is this confirmed to work?

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Yes, because we’ve seen it


Can other people post their codes (if they want to) and can people start friending and sending gifts to them?

I’ll be receiver 9341 3430 9850 is my code guys

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Great I will friend you today or tommorow

I would like to be receiver please
Trainer Name
Trainer Code
7362 8887 1787

Thats the idea.

@CindyF1977 and @Palkiamaster I friended you guys, I am BossLapras33 I will send you gifts If you accept me and then you guys delete me.

What is your trainer name?

Sent you a request. And a gift @Mapman42

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Mine is hanniwendigo77

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