General Chat - Do some people take this game too seriously?

Ok, so before i discuss this further i’m not talking about BrandonTan playing 15 hours a day seriously, i’m talking about people who bully and attack others over this game, which has happened to me a few times.

These kinds of people are in any community even if they aren’t that public. For example, when i was in a more rural area last summer a player physically assaulted another player (and smashed his car windows) over using a golden berry “one too many times”. I think now you get the idea of exactly what i’m on about.

These are the players who ostracise, block and report people over minor things like attacking a gym from their car and not coming out to talk to the other guy, for not wanting to trade a certain pokémon for something else (happened a few times locally, and then those players are removed from all chats in under a minute :man_shrugging:), and the one that’s affected me the most: accusations of spoofing.

If you know 100% that there is an active spoofer in your area and that individual has said they do spoof, go ahead and do whatever but don’t cyberbully them. If you don’t have conclusive evidence of them spoofing maybe don’t report their Discord and Pokemon Go accounts. These people aren’t some special heroes of the game, they’re actively ruining the community.

Big example was a story from a player group not too far from me. One of their members was diagnosed with cancer (been told it’s non-fatal which is good news) and he asked if he would be allowed to spoof from his hospital bed to do the EX raid he was invited to. What happened was they said no, and removed him from the local Pokemon Go whatsapp.

To wrap up this rant, what i’m trying to say is don’t get too emotionally involved in this game. Don’t bully, because people like this are killing the game rather than saving it. Remember, the definition of a game is “an activity that one engages in for amusement.”. Don’t let it become something else for anyone.


Same happend to me.

Most of our new gyms added to our city are Mystic.They are getting claimed.they always pick all the new gyms.

Wow, thats some extreme cases you bring up. Thats obviously taking it to far.

Pretty much anything that has something to do with physical violence is taking it to far. And i guess you could call it “taking the game too seriously”. An other term is just not being able to handle opposition/defeat. At wich point you should just stop playing alltogether cause you dont understand what a game, where you are ment to do battle in, means.

I agree with this statement. But some people dont realise that their amusement ruins others. And im not talking about attacking someones gym a few times a day. Thats part of, or rather the point of, the game. I mean the cheater part. Spoofers.

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Oh and i wouldnt kick the hospitalized cancer patient out of our Whatsapp group, especially not for just sugesting it. But considering the three strike system, it might be better to just hand your phone to someone else who can go for you.


I agree fully, but it really isn’t a good decision either way. Personally even if i knew the person i still wouldn’t hand them my phone but maybe that’s just me.

Someone through a plush pokeball at me after I kicked their tree out of a gym. I WAS TRYING TO HELP HIM IT WAS ABOUT TO BE ZAPDOS DAY AND HE NEEDS HIS TTARS!!!

Should of just joined the Ex raid by spoofing and not saying anything. Someone may like you or even adore your friendship, but once they hear spoofing they turn into a female dog. God forbid he would of died with the joy of Mewtwo captured and they took it.

That’s probably the thing that annoys me the most about some members of this community, and that’s a complete lack of conscience for seriously ill and disabled individuals.

I been hospitals where i seen many spoofers. Legit dying spoofers…their only joy was the fact they could still play even the doctors were joyful for their smiles.


Never had been on one of those situations but, already saw some bad temper:
On a raid, there was a group waiting for everyone to be ready. Asked them if i could join in, they asked for my level. “Your below 30, you can´t play on this raid.” Saw the raid on a girl cellphone since some of them had 5 cellphones playing in the raid.

Was the raid room full? i would of just joined. Your level means nothing if there is 18 others and their good levels. Those are bullies and Team Rocket members.

I take this game to seriously. It’s all I do.

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When it’s not fun anymore, it’s not worth playing.


I slowed down alot cause of this. Starting to feel like a job with no incentives. All the friend stuff, looking for ex, making sure to get more stardust.

What’s nice is when you drive around to the gyms and battle them and then some “engaged” in the game spoofer sits on his sofa and kicks everyone out off the gyms from his house. That’s amusement right. Is that the point of the game or am I taking it too seriously?

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Every new feature that gets added will increase the amount of “work” you have to do in the game to keep up. I still enjoy it, but once it’s not fun anymore, that will be the time to quit.

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Then i have quite luck all 5 players in my town are friendly


some in my city does. we had two older gentlemen who were friends but ended up not talking to each other, even hunting each others gym, but nothing physical.

Almost everyone out of our city is mad at the claimers.Even team Mystic.