General Chat - Aggron as an attacker

What are your thoughts on Aggron and it’s place in the meta? Do we really see it having a place or being used as an attacker in this game?

The reason I bring it up is that I just evolved to one this morning:

With a bad moveset, is it worth investing TMs, Candies, and Stardust to max it out? Or is Aggron nothing more than a cool looking gym defender with no real purpose?

I just evolved my first Aggron. I like using him as an attacker in Gym Battles. Aron still seem pretty common and Thunder is a great Charged Move. 98% IVs? Power him up. You probably won’t find a better one anytime soon.

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What specifically are you using Aggron as an attacker against?

Anything. My Aggron has Heavy Slam as a Charged Attack so I can use it often. Basically I let the recommended Pokemon go when I do gym battles. Since I evolved it, it’s been recommended often. It even got recommended a lot when it was Lairon.

I evolved the wild 100% I caught and have to say it’s not the quickest attacker IMHO. I’ve got Iron Tail, Heavy Slam so may be switching it up shortly.

I somehow like it. Maybe because I can’t see TTar anymore (too often used). Maybe because if you battle a Pound/Hyper Beam Blissey you’re super immune. I want to level one as soon as I get a good one.

I’ve got a 100% that evolved from weather boosted Aron to a 2746CP Aggron.
It comes up constantly in the game auto selection for battles as the first in line.
I’ve used it a couple of times but also think it’s too slow. Mines got Dragon Tail.
Not sure how true but some told me it’s got one of the highest Defence stats in the game and would expline why the game auto selects it as it favours Defence over Attack.
Imho it’s just a slightly poorer Rhydon.


So no real reason for powering it up? I’ve two good Rhydons that I can call on if needs be

Correct, save your Dust for something better.

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Aggron is the best current Steel Type attacker, and when Rayquaza comes, he might be the best bulkier choice availible, given how he tanks the hits as much as a Blissey, yet still has decent attack and super-effective moves in Dragon Tail and Stone Edge

Here’s a good article comparing Aggron to other Steel attackers.

I think Aggron is a solid attacker among the steel types. However, the steel types themselves arent to good compared to whats in the meta now. Dragonite, Ttar, Machamp, Groudon and Kyogre are all probably alot more usefull.

Edit: Oh and Raikou ofcourse against vaporeon and those gyarados everyone is gonna drop in gyms when they powered up their Kyogres :slight_smile:

Aron is very common where I reside. Although it’s a rather task finding one with high IV’s. Highest I’ve found so far 86% with good defense. But one of my favorite gen 3.

After doing quite a few Rayquaza raids and mixing up the Battle Squads with Ice Types in Articuno, Lapras, Jynx, Cloyster and Dragonites with Dragon Moves I might take slightly longer to take Rayquaza down with Aggron and Golem but I don’t go through anywhere near as many Pokemon.
My view on Arrgon’s usefulness has shifted so I used a few TM’s changing the moves on the weather boosted Raid Boss Aggron to add to the battle squad. I took the new team of 2 Aggrons and rest Golems for a run today and never had to call upon a second team on my own account. I need another 20 Candy to evolve a 3rd 91% weather boosted Aron caught 4 streets away from where I got the 100% one. I’ll be looking to grind more Arons and hopefully some more good weather boosted ones come up on the Map to further strengthen my squad as well as the other family members accounts.

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Thanks for that - got 770 candies, 2,600 Co 100%er, Another 100%er ready to evolve and a weather boosted 96%er. Shall make a call on which to evolve then add them to the squad.

Evolved another good Aggron from a weather boosted 1775CP 100% Larion and took 7 Charge TM’s to get Stone Edge.

Wasted 8 charge TMs changing the move set on Mew Two last week…

did you get the right moveset?

As a Steel type, it’s like 2nd to Metagross and as a Rock type it’s like Rhydon

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I like mines. it’s a heavy hitter.