General Chat - A Few Tips To Become A Good Pokémon Go Trainer

This list will be updated as time progresses. GG

  1. Have fun. If playing is no fun for you then it’s probably not worth it I’d say.

  2. Maximize your storage by deleting items responsibly and be mindful of what you use. If you see you’re low on balls, catch less and farm items more. No health items? Catch more and visit gyms since health items are mostly tied to gyms.

  3. Catch everything that moves. It may be “stupid” to you but the rewards such as stardust and XP gains are not. So please catch everything no matter what. EDIT: crappy pokémon are your friends. So always keep a candy stash for mass evolutions for at least 70 pokémon to evolve simultaneously and preferably on a lucky egg.

  4. Never throw out berries from stops or tasks. Instead, convert them into stardust by feeding your pokémon or your teammates pokémon whether you’re in the gym or not.

  5. Complete your weekly streaks, breakthroughs and at least one raid per day.

  6. Grind to level 30. This will allow you to have access to pokémon as strong as level 35 during weather conditions which will come in handy for all top tier raids.

  7. Have at least 6 good counters with good IVs for each raid boss. They don’t all have to be the same pokémon but they should all be worthy attackers, have great SE (super effective) moves and earn STAB (same type attack bonus) when used in a raid. The more bonuses applied the more damage you will do.

  8. Set meta relevant pokémon as your walking buddy. You may have other pokémon that you want to evolve but there are others that you should consider that are necessary for your development first. Priorities.

  9. Always ask questions and stay connected with the community whether local or online. They are filled with tips and tricks that will help you on your journey. I personally suggest you follow some on Twitter for fun, facts, leaks and great tips. GG.


These are all pretty obvious, at least to most trainers who are not new to the game.

That’s who I made it for. For the new kids who aren’t even 30 yet.

  1. Break any rule when you feel like it in favor of rule number 1. Including this rule.

Useful information for a n00b like me, thanks :smiley:


No problem. Sticky note this.

@BowmoreZuiperd Amen. You’ve got to enjoy yourself. It can’t all be business.

Level 30? Because I have been playing as a casual since August 2016 and am almost 30. I still know a lot about the game.

@ImNotReallyANerd what level are you?

@Pokemon 40.

But you’re not a new kid…

I guess I need to work on option 4. I just threw away 81 Nanab Berries😅

@Jormdeworm Dude that was 1620 stardust. 2430 on a starpiece.

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Good ideas, @ImNotReallyANerd, I can already see that its helping people. ( Or correcting mistakes, if you’re @Jormdeworm )

(Useless sentence for the 10 characters)

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Where am I correcting any mistakes?


These are actually pretty good!

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@Pokemon I figure the more better everyone plays the more balanced things will be. Especially when PvP drops. I wouldn’t want to go up against a level 20 trainer. Then again I could use my low CP stuff LOL

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Eggs and stardust items can be applied from raid window now as well. Start them with a couple seconds left in your first raid on an egg grind to maximize your time. Extra 2mins at least.

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I’m lost @Jormdeworm. :thinking: