Gen six and seven

I know most of us are still trying to finish completing the gen five Pokedex (myself included), but I’m also ready to add Sylveon and Rockruff to my collection.


Mostly looking forward to the megas, Primarina also seems really strong

I wonder if rockruff will have a time based evolution like wurmple or Eevee with high friendship.

Yeah, I’m curious how they are going to go about the three Lycanroc forms as well.

Wurmple isnt time based though

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In the morning wurmple evolves into silcoon and evolves into cascoon in the afternoon just like in Ruby and Sapphire.

I just evolved 2 wurmples back to back. Got 1 Cascoon and 1 Silcoon

Hmm I was only able to get silcoon in the morning and cascoon in the afternoon with mine.

Wrong, they evolve based on their completely hidden individual number, both in GO and in the main games
Dont blame you for finding a different pattern though lol

Alright wurmple wasn’t supposed to be part of this list. There are other Pokemon that do have time based evolutions though.

Aurorus, Lycanroc, Tyrantrum, Lurantis, Gumshoos

Technically, so does Weavile and Gligar, but as we have seen, that did not play a role in Pokemon GO, so I’m hesitant to think it will for those others in GO.

So, what will be the first gen 6 Pokémon you catch?

I don’t know any Gen 6 Pokémon except Chesnaught or whatever that thing’s called.

Edit: Googled it up and apparently it isn’t called Chesnaught but I was right with that there is a Chesnaught in Gen VI. Well, I’ll see whenever the generation comes out.

Edit 2: Apparently I meant Chespin.

Odds are it will be a Bunnelby, but if a “Kalos Stone” is given to us, I’ll be evolving my hundo Eevee into Sylveon post-haste.

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Bunnelby, Fletchling, or Scatterbug will probably be among the first released. If I were betting, I’d probably go with Bunnelby too. Niantic likes to gives us that early route mammal early on.

Or as I affectionately call them, the generation’s Rattata. XD

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Sylveon is my main focus for gen six.

Hopefully gen 7 comes out next year. I miss rockruff and lycanroc.

Are people forgetting Aegislash?