Gen IV: Rhyperior

Rhyperior is a Gen IV Pokémon with 3869 Max CP.
With ATK (241) as it’s best stat it could be a grat attacker against some Legendaries.
Rhyperior is boosted in Clear and Partly Cloudy weather.
Rhyperior is a Ground/Rock type.
Max Wild Encounter CP: 3316
Max Wild Encounter CP (with Weather Boost): 3592.

They might nerf it though

I hope Niantic does not Nerf Rhyperoir.

Yeah right, he’s probably gonna be an item evolution, meaning it’ll be impossible to find him in the wild, but even if the slight possibility happens, that he isn’t one, he’s still not going to spawn in the wild, Niantic will do the shit they’re doing with gen 3 and make a lot of final evolutions not spawn in the wild (seriously, why can’t I catch Dustox or Blaziken in the wild??)


Catching a wild Rhydon and evolving him is also a possibility you know

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Someone didn’t read my comment. Where are you gonna find a 3000 cp wild Rhydon?

Just have luck and find a weather booster Rhydon?

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I think Niantic wants to slow progression down so that they can keep people invested for longer.

I think they should tie those evolved pokemon to quests or something. “Rare Pokemon X is out in the wild today” Do “Y” to hunt it down. They could give us a new quest each week as a part of a 7-day streak or something. The quests would expire in like a 48 hour time limit.

That would be a good balance between hunting down rare Pokemon, but also keep people invested for a good amount of time.

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Hopefully it will be evolved from Ryhdon.
I’m Rhyperior ready if it does apart from collecting the possible special evolution item.

That still wouldn’t work, mainly due with weather and type spawns, I’m never gonna be able to catch a wild Froslass since I live in Florida, and people in Canada might never see a wild Tangrowth since Grass is rare

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In the Pokedex Rhyperior also fires Geodude from his palms, will that mean anything in game?

Probably not


Would be funny as an Easter egg tho

In the video games, you need a protector item to evolve your rhydon.

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That’s probably gonna be how it’s gonna evolve in Pokémon Go

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Maybe as an animation but I don’t think you will be able to farm geodudes like this xD

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Yeah…dang it😅
Unfortunately Geodude are rare where I live so still working on Golem.

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I’m working on getting enough candy to evolve a Rhyperior.

Considered buddying a geodude? 1km per candy is easy farming.
I expect you tought of it, but have something more important as buddy.

i have my 100% iv golem buddied, over 200km now and still need 30 candies to max powerup him.