Gen IV: Magmortar

Magmortar is a is a pure fire type pokemon with 2980 max cp, 247 attack, 186 defense, and 150 hp.
It evolves from Magmar, a Pokemon that was released in Generation one that is now obtainable from the quest: Hatch 3 eggs. Magmortar will outclass Flareon considerably and will be the best non- legendary fire type for quite some time. What are your thoughts?


That he looks f’in sweet!!


Hi @Shrimp, so glad you are back, it had been a long time!

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Good to be back:)) Hope all is well


Everything is good, lets stay on topic here :grin:


For players who have there Entei and Blast Burn charzard teams up, may not let him see much play time at the beginning. :frowning: (Also, we get mor Entei next month I assume)… Hopefully Magmortar makes a big impact. After alot of talk between players… Seems Rypherior is the main focus

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Magmortar will do better than Char with BB

Agreed. Just saying players put alot of candy and dust into them. Why do the same thing with Magmortar off to bat when you have a pretty decent team set


True, although if I get an high IV Magmar that will be it for my worst Flareon on my fire squad.


How many Entei do you use?!

None :stuck_out_tongue: Only fire legndaries I have are the ones from breakthroughs :money_mouth_face:

@Shrimp, the only legendaries I have that are not from breakthrough are Groudon, Raquaza, Suicune, and Registeel.

Don’t feel bad. I’m in the same boat. Let’s race for the best Magmortar!

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Good luck, little fish :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay on hub, of course, @Shrimp :grin:

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ill be dropping him into gyms @ that cp


Yeah i love it.

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The attack makes it better, as well as the bulk.

the closer to 3000 the more i want it.