Gen IV: Garchomp

A pseudo legendary is coming… Garchomp! With a max cp of 3823, an attack of 261, 198 defense, and 216 hp. With the right moves it will outclass Dragonite, and it is a dual Dragon and Ground type. It evolves from Gabite, the evolved form of Gible. What are your thoughts?


best non-legendary dragon, maybe even the best ground type overall if he gets good moves


Im quite a garchomp fan so i really want it

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I want 6 of them


Garchomp will be in many gyms by me. With that CP he might even make me wanna make an another party.

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I love my dragons!

Me to! I have 3

Lol I wanna have 2 parties

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Of chomp? :thinking::joy:

Quite hyped for garchomp. Good in the meta.

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Yep many gen 4 are.

Not counting Chomp its either evolutions to old Mons or legendaries tho

It will be long before I will be able to get one, still looking forward to it.

Dragonite is the very blueprint of a dragon and it’ll always be the best. But garchomp looks sick and it’ll definitely be on my team! LOL

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Definitely. Dragonite is like archetype, everything else is a plus.

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Yep, Garchomp will be awesome :joy:

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Garchomp is an upgraded Dragonite tho, trading a bit of attack for much better bulk and typing

Sorta like a Tyranitar and a Dragonite breeded. Sorta…