Gen IV Eevee evolutions

Was just thinking how they might implement the gen IV Eevee evolutions, since in the main games their evolutions were location based (ie near the mossy rock or icy rock). Will Niantic do the same or will make it random like the gen 1 evolutions? Interested to hear peoples thoughts and opinions since Eevee is on of my favorite Pokémon.

Possibly weather based evolves? Or maybe you have to complete quests about grass type pokemon to evolve a leafeon?

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I was thinking weather based, but then for leafeon you’d have a 50/50 chance of getting a flareon. Maybe walking xkm and evolving during the required weather

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They could simply make mossy rock and icy rock into evolution items, like Sun Stone and King’s Rock.

Sun and King’s rock are already items, Mossy and Icy rock are not

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I did entertain the notion of them changing the location stones into evolution items, but it’s highly unlikely. I like what @JoshHack said, that it’ll be some form of weather related evolution. But that’s just my 2 cents

The x km could work. Problem with weather based is that the northen hemisphere can get the two evolutions, while the southern hemisphere will end up with Leafeon only.
I’m from São Paulo, and we don’t even get Windy Weather here. It’s always Sunny, Rainy or Partial Cloudy.

I’m sure they’ll add a name you have to give to your Eevee and then it will be Leafeon or Glaceon, like they did with Vaporeon, Espeon, Flareon, Jolteon and Umbreon.

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Problem with the named Eeveelutions is, that you can use them only once. So, should you get that perfect IV female Eevee after you already used your Glaceon naming trick, then how do you turn your new aquisition into a Glaceon?

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I have enough high CP eevees and candy saved up for Gen 4. Just want to know what the catch with Leafeon and Glaceon will be.

Yeah, but the name trick for all the other eevee evolutions were based on the fact that trainers from the show had them, as far as my knowledge goes May is the only (named) character in the show with glaceon, no one had leafeon, so theoretically you wouldn’t be able to do that with leafeon.

Same every high CP Eevee I find I keep. I think I have over 400 Eevee candies

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I’m only current up to Advanced Challenge on the cartoon so I have no idea how Gen 4 goes.

Standing by ready for Gen 4!

calm down!

How many Glaceon and Leafeon do you want for that

6 each. I walked all 10 eevees for Gen 2 after doing the naming trick for first 2.

Wait what IVs for the eevees? For me makuhitas and eevees are only decent IV. I am Valor

Back when I did that, I didn’t have IV checker. Now that I do, I still don’t use it very often.