Gen IV: Abomasnow

Abomasnow is a Gen 4 Pokemon with 2245 Max CP

Abomasnow is a ** GRASS/ICE** Pokemon.

Abomasnow Max Wild Encounter CP: 1925
Abomasnow Max Wild Encounter CP (weather boost): 2085


I keep reading Obamasnow…


Thank you, I will now name my first Abomasnow that when it comes out.


Great Pokemon in competitive, trash Pokemon in Go
Wont be anything other than a Pokedex page, maybe a shiny (coincidentaly, I caught a shiny Snover in Platinum)

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It also has a 2x weakness against Fire

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Perhaps also Abra Lincoln

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Gen 4?! When?! I love lucario, riolu, an that ice/dragon type i that would come out. Oooooh my fav of all fennekin!!

Well… Thats almost Gen 4, correct I guess

Hmm. I think idk fourth gen its pokemon black/white…darn but i know riolu an lucario be out. Hmm forgot the rest. Snivy, tepig, and i give up pronouncing the water type starter. @Necrozmadabest

Oooooh also, that uhh fire/bug legendary pokemon type. The moth looking bug. Has overheat damagerously strong. Kyrum i think its called. Legendary ice dragon. @Necrozmadabest

Gen 4 is Diamond/Pearl
Ice Dragon is indeed Kyurem, from gen 5 (Black/White)
The moth isnt legendary, its Volcarona, too from gen 5
And Fennekin is Gen 6 starter

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I wonder how cool he will be upon release. (Probably pretty cool, considered he’s an ice type)

Volcarona is awesome.

Best Bug for a while


LOL Same!

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Such a good fire type, better than many legendaries.

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