Gen 5 discussion

We can talk about anything about gen5 here
My favorite gen5 Pokemon are
1 Emolga
2 White Kyurem
3 Black Kyurem
4 Winter sawsbuck
5 Reshiram


I like the starters.

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me too

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Kyreum, Zekrom and Reshiram will be great.
Looking forward to what they will do with kyreum


Emolga and Kyreum are my faves

  1. Samurott
  2. Genesect
  3. Gigalith
  4. Serperior
  5. Tepig

Serperior will be bad
Low attack and lots of weaknesses
And somany better grads types

Good attack and stamina but bad defense
As afire type sinilar stats to moltres and entei but a bit lower
Same with some of the other fire starters
As a fighting type there are lots of better fighting types

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I already made a list of what I’m particularly looking forward to in another thread.

I’m personally excited for Kyurem, Reshiram, and Zekrom.

Same! What awesome legendaries! :heart_eyes:

I’m honestly a little worried about their movesets. While they’ll all be good Dragon-type attackers, I’ve found their place in their other types a little shaky as they COULD not have double-moves for their respective unique type (Reshiram: Fire; Zekrom: Electric; Kyurem: Ice) so they may be a little awkward like Palkia might be as a Water-type attacker.

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Zekrom learns Volt Switch

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It also learns Charge Beam, but like I said, it’s so limited that it’s a little scary that it could be passed over. Reshiram can learn Fire Fang, but I combed Kyurem’s up and down and it can’t learn any Ice-type fast moves in the current or even potential future. Kyurem will likely be another Dragon-type stand in, which is a damn shame, but can’t be helped.

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I havent ran the simulations, but I think Thundurus might beat Zekrom in raw DPS since he learns Thundershock
Either way, Gen 5 will be a blast for Fire types

It’d better since as a whole Gen 4 introduced almost NO Fire types. XD

It’s hard to say how Thundurus and Zekrom will play out, but as long as Zekrom gets at least Charge Beam (Volt Switch is bleh) and Wild Charge, maybe I’ll finally have some more great Electric types.