Gen 4 update analysis

Aqua tail: 50> 45
Body Slam: 50> 40
Bug Bite: 6> 5
Discharge: 40> 35
Dragon Claw: 40> 35
Frost Breath: 12> 9
Iron Head: 40> 30
Lick: 10> 5
Metal Claw: 12> 8
Mud Shot: 12> 6
Poison Jab: 15> 12
Pound: 8> 7
Psycho cut: 15> 7
Scratch: 10> 6
Shadow Claw: 16> 11

Water gun: 10> 6
Wing attack: 12> 9
Zen Headbutt: 15> 12

New moves:
Skull Bash
Acid Spray
Earth Power
Crush Claw
Mirror Shot
Super Power
Fell Stinger
Leaf Tornado
Leech Life
Drain Punch
Shadow Bone
Muddy Water
Blaze Kick
Razor Shell

(The attack sound was added for Meteor Mash)

Selection of multiple pokemon for battle party
Showing of friends list in raids

Next: All gen 4 pokemon have been added, but the important part (we already know th pokemon) is the forms.

Rotom Normal

Rotom Frost

Rotom Fan

Rotom Mow

Rotom Wash

Rotom Heat

Wormadam plant
Wormadam Sandy
Wormadam trash

Girantina Origin
Girantina Altered

Shaymin Sky
Shaymin Land

Cherrim Overcast
Cherrim Sunny

Shellos West Sea
Shellow East Sea
Gastrodon East Sea
Gastrodon West Sea

And ALL of Arceus’s forms.

BGMode Egg Hatch
BGMode Buddy Candy
BGMode Weekly Fitness Report
BGMode Buddy Pokemon Nickname.

And the ‚ÄúMystery Box‚ÄĚ seen in the Meltan video


It is in Spanish so far… but, use google translate like me.

Was any move buffed? Or were they all nerfed?

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All nerfs so far.

@bobbyjack8 Shadow Claw seems to have a massive nerf so king Gengar is getting dethroned when this update come out.

Well that sucks donkey balls

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Even if they buffed a move it would probably be poision sting or some Sh** move like that anyway

Psycho Cut is cut in half, is it still a good fast move on Mewtwo? Should Confusion be used? Time will tell.

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Confusion is already better for a Psychic attacker, but Psycho cut won’t be that good now.

Psycho Cut now is good at charging the charge move faster than Confusion, but given its 50% nerf, is it still worth to keep?

Not really.

But the update has not come out yet.

I guess @Necrozmadabest will be mad that mud shot is being nerfed because… chomp!

Also, just wanted to say that these are the only 2 important moves.

(Besides Shadow Claw)

Shadow Claw and Body Slam are the two important ones?

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Body slam is used on what.???


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Well Snorlax is getting a nerf anyway I think.

I guess the big 4 defenders will get nerfed

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Can you remove this please


@Pokemon is worried that they are not on topic

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@bobbyjack8 put it in the meme team